Citadel of Faith offers a wide variety of ministries that are sure to meet your needs. Click on a ministry to find out more information.

Everyone is a instrument to be used by God, and for Kingdom Building. How will He use you? It is our desire to assist you in being all that our Lord has called you to be and to help in finding a place of service utilizing your God-given gifts, abilities, and talents. This information is provided to help guide you in finding your place in this ministry. Some areas require prior training or experience in order to be involved; however, in most of the listed areas of ministry, training is offered to equip you.



Sunday Church School

A Christian educational ministry providing a weekly systematic study of the Word of God for all ages designed for spiritual growth and practical application of God’s word for successful wisdom-filled living.

Men's Ministry

The Men’s Ministry promotes discipleship and mentoring for men, ages 20 and up, towards responsible leadership in the home and service within the church and to the community, and enhances the spiritual growth of men through fellowship and accountability.

Music & Sacred Arts

The Music & Sacred Arts Ministry communicates the gospel message through vocal and instrumental expression religious music genre. It is an integral element that enriches and accentuates the corporate worship experience by ministering to the congregation and leading the congregation in worshipping and ministering to God through praise, adoration, and song. This ministry is a medium through which the soul and spirit reach out to God in worship and praise in preparation for receiving the spoken Word of God.  


Liturgical dance ministry is a creative expression of worship through prophetic movement and choreography to communicate the message of the gospel. 

Women's Ministry

Citade of Faith has two Women's Ministry programs - Christian Women's Council for women ages 40 and up, and Young Women's Christian Council for women ages 19 - 39.  Each ministry provides spiritual and natural support of the church through instruction and training of women in the principles and practices of holiness and godly living.  Both ministries promote love of God, love for family and the work of the Lord in a spirit of oneness for greater effectiveness in women's work, and for the spiritual growth of each woman in particular.